click for full image acrylic on canvas

Christmas Tree Moon

This painting was part of a collection that was featured in my very first art show. The collection was called Christmas Moon. It was such a successful show. I sold almost everything and that was quite a confidence boost for a new artist. This painting is my favorite one in the collection. It is magical and serene. It would be so peaceful to climb into this painting and hang out. 


click for full image acrylic on canvas

Balloon Moon

Here is another painting from the same collection. I like this one because it doesn't shout Christmas. If you look hard you can see a tiny little Santa and tiny little elves in the hot air balloons. 


click for full image acrylic on canvas

Impaled Santa

This painting came as a result of me being completely sick of painting Christmas scenes. There were eight Christmas painting in this collection so you can imagine how I felt at the end. I love Santa and I would never cause him any harm, but this painting simply means that I was done painting this collection. If you want to find meaning in it you may see the death of Christmas, or perhaps it’s not about Santa. I was worried that I may offend some people with this painting and I believe that I did. At the same time that I was offending people, there were other people who completely loved it. The painting sold and it was requested to me that I make Christmas cards out of this image.


click for full image acrylic on canvas

Santa Moon

This is another painting from my Christmas Moon collection. I still believe in Santa Claus.


click for full image oil on canvas

Kerr Road

What if you looked through a dirty old tire to find an alternative reality, or a beautiful parallel universe. Kerr Road is the street that my Grandma Fern lived on and she had a magical tire swing that I loved to play on. Grandma Fern’s magic tire swing is what inspired this painting. Look through a tire with the wonder of a child and imagine what might be on the other side. 


click for full image coffee and ink on paper

Coffee Deer

I made a collection of paintings for the art show at Max Crema's. This collection was called Edible Art. My favorite edible to paint with is coffee. These paintings were mounted on to wood that was stained with tea. 


click for full image coffee and ink on paper

Coffee Mating

This was a painting that was in my Edible Art collection.


click for full image marker on paper

Greener Grasses

This image was prompted right before the presidential election of 2016. I do not pay much attention to the news and politics because I feel it portrays the worst parts of humanity. Finger pointing, blaming and ridiculing the opponents does not make one look more appealing. Unfortunately, that is what goes on during elections. I had limited exposure to the debates but I was still affected. I heard many people complaining that if Trump were to get elected, American citizens would move to another country. I imagined politicians frantically climbing over the wall to leave the United States. Why are they leaving the country with greener grass? Why are the Mexicans serving hot dogs? Why aren't they trying to put out the fire? It will never be clear. I also wrote a song that goes with this piece. It is called Dopey Row. I wrote it on the ukulele bass. I don't have a recording of it yet but I will post it here as soon as I do.