click for full image mixed media on wood panel

Patriotism In a Box

This painting was inspired after the NFL players were taking a knee during the national anthem. Around this time I was noticing how shameful Americans were feeling about our country. I imagined how Abraham Lincoln might have felt if he knew what was going on in the United States these days. Abraham paints American flags inside a box so no one will ridicule him for having pride in his country.


click for full image watercolor on paper

Joel Henry

This is my dear friend Joel. I wanted to give him a gift so I painted a picture for him. Joel has a super big heart so there was no hiding it.


click for full image mixed media on canvas

Love Patiently

This painting is a combination of a pour abstract and painted images. The pour part of the painting was inspired by the song Love Patiently by Shakey Graves. I don’t know where the fish came from.


click for full image mixed media on canvas


This is a large abstract painting that I made for my mom. It is 4’ X 3’ and this was an attempt to gain more control over my pours. I just began experimenting with pour painting in 2017. I loved pouring because it was the opposite of painting portraits. Portrait painting is tedious, time consuming and precise, while pour painting is free flowing, fast and forgiving. I enjoyed the break from portraits but I felt as though I had no control at all, which could be good and bad at the same time. This was a pour done with intention. At first I liked it, then I didn’t, then two years later I decided that I liked it again. Nevertheless, my mom loves it and that is what counts the most because she has it hanging over her fireplace.


click for full image watercolor on paper

I Survived

This is one of my favorites! I went to the Mount Everest base camp in April of 2017. I was painting this before my journey started. I had fears that I would die on my trip and I was worried that this would be my last painting. I told a friend about my fears and he said, “then don’t finish the painting until you return.” I purposely procrastinated so that I would have to wait to finish it. It sounds silly but it took away the dramatic ending in my head that Jolene’s tragic demise was foreseen by this watercolor painting of her with the Himalayas on her chest.


click for full image watercolor on paper


I went on a splurge of painting watercolor portraits in 2017. I painted a bunch of presidents and Theodore Roosevelt was my favorite out of the bunch.


click for full image acrylic on wood panel

Blues for Alice

This was one of the three pieces that I painted for the Art of Jazz exhibit at the Goggleworks in Reading Pennsylvania. The musician is Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the musical score is his song, Blues for Alice.


click for full image mixed media on canvas

Feed & Eat

These paintings were another pouring experiment. I actually did the pour paintings on a glass window. I let them dry for about a month until I could peel the paint off in one solid sheet. I cut the paintings into shapes so that I could incorporate them into the hand and mouth paintings.