Patriotism in a Box

So...... This is what a box, Abraham Lincoln, and Bob Ross turn into.

Today I submitted my entry for the art show at the Brain Vessel. The theme is Inside the Box. I hope that I get accepted.


This painting turned out to be a political statement, even though I don’t consider myself to be a political girl. It became a common that the NFL players would take a knee during the national anthem. Around this time I was noticing how shameful Americans were feeling about our country. I imagined how Abraham Lincoln might have felt if he knew what was going on in the United States these days. Abraham paints American flags inside a box so no one will ridicule him for having pride in his country. It is sad that our country is so full of hatred and I think Abraham Lincoln Would be sad to see what is going on these days in the United States. At times it is almost embarrassing to be an American.

I hope not to offend anyone with this post. I am not highly educated in politics. There are many more things that I don't know verses things that I do know. I try to stay open minded and to have empathy and compassion for every person's views and feelings, which makes me a bit neutral. This painting is just me showing, in a comical way, how Abraham might feel about the current situations in the USA.