Living to Create

Jolene Windmiller

I was born to create. In the past I practiced my creativity mainly through music. I have been a songwriter and a performing musician since 1994. Some of the more notable venues where I performed are Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem,  John & Peter’s in New Hope, The Grape Street Pub in Manayunk, The Tin Angel in Philadelphia and The Bethlehem Musikfest. My self titled CD was streamed live at Golden Flash Radio in Belgium and played on Sleepy Hollow WXPN Philadelphia. I had the opportunity to do live studio performances with WEEU Reading, WXLV Lehigh Carbon College, WDIY Allentown, and BCTV's Acoustic Roadshow. The musical element in me will always be maintained but I felt the need to try something new and branch out to visual art.

I started painting in February of 2015. This inspiration, or should I say, NEED to paint, came after spending seven years of studying nursing in college and working in a hospital. I desperately needed to exercise my creative side because my brain was overloaded with medical science. I had to paint or else I was going to completely loose my mind. After I started to paint I began to write music that went with the paintings. This was not intentional. It just happened naturally. It was as if my paintings wanted to communicate by using as many senses as possible. 

In the beginning my favorite paintings were portraits painted with oils. My original goal was to paint like a realist but to always maintain some type of fantasy element. I can not truly say that anymore because my paintings are evolving in ways that I have never expected to see. I am finding freedom in painting abstract pieces that are full of movement and color. I am finding a love for watercolors even though I disliked them at first. I believe that painting only what our eyes can see is boring. I am almost manic with the images that come to my mind. I have a passion to put all of these images on canvas. My hands can not keep up with my head and that is what keeps me inspired.

I will continue to create art and music as long as I am alive. I hope the inspirations in my mind never run dry. I hope to refine my painting skills and blow my mind with what comes out. I want to share my paintings and songs with everyone. I want all of this to conjure up feelings that inspire people and make life more exciting.