Fernie's Magic Ketchup: It Fixes Everything

rainbow ketchup.jpg

My Grandma Fern (Fernie) was a magical woman and so was her ketchup. As a kid, I remember helping her mash her cauldron of tomatoes through the cone shaped colander with her wooden magic wand. It would bubble on the stove all day making her house smell like heaven. 

This ritual always happened at the end of summer after her garden bursted with more tomatoes than she knew what to do with. While Fernie's ketchup was around we always celebrated with french fries. The celebration did not end there. Her ketchup was so good that we put it on everything. We would put it on our peanut butter sandwiches. We would drizzle it on our cereal, and even mix it in with our mashed potatoes.

Fernie's magic ketchup had many other uses. She would put it on our boo-boos when we would fall. We would have a spoonful when our tummies ached. She would put it in my little sister's baby bottle when she couldn't sleep. We would even put a little dab behind our ears and wear it as perfume. Her ketchup fixed everything. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to make Fernie's magic ketchup because I scored a huge box of beautiful tomatoes at a roadside farmer's stand. I had a vegetable garden but it did not explode with tomatoes this year like I had hoped. I spent the day thinking about my Grandma Fern and working like a busy bee in the kitchen. Just like I remembered, the smell of heaven filled the kitchen. Everything around me seemed to be a little brighter. The world looked happy and joyful. Life was suddenly better all because of Fernie's Magic Ketchup. 

..........now lets eat some french fries.