The Chick Show

I have played music in many different formats since I began my time as a musician in 1994. My happiest time musically was spent playing with The Chick Show in the early 2000s. The Chick Show consisted of four girls, Christy Jefferson, Priscilla Ahn, Amy Lewis and me. We were all independent singer-songwriters. This union came about because the Brass Lantern (a music venue in Reading Pennsylvania that no longer exists) was having a "Chick Night". I can't remember how many girls showcased that night but there were more than four of us. Around that time I was a big fan of Voices on the Verge, a musical collaboration of four independent female singer-songwriters. I thought it would be the best thing ever if I could team up with some of these girls and play music together like Voices on the Verge. We did just that and we sounded amazing. We were entertaining. We were super sexy and silly. We complimented each other perfectly. I would get high on the music we made. That was my favorite time musically but life is not static. Things change and people move on. I miss them terribly and I get happy when I hear recordings of us from back then. I added two songs to this post that we recorded on a tape recorder. I hope they make you happy too.