The Last Rhino

The Last Rhino is a song and a painting about believing in love in hopeless situations. The song originated in 2015 after hearing on the news that there was only one male northern white rhino left in the world and his name was Sudan. I dramatized the song by referring to him as the last rhino in the whole world. I imagined Sudan with his heart filled with hope, searching to find another rhino to love, when in reality no other rhinos existed. I related to Sudan because I had given up on love at that time. I felt like I was the last rhino in the world. I stopped believing that the love that I was searching for existed. As a result of writing this song, Sudan’s hope became my hope. Sudan’s innocence and optimism rubbed off on me and I started to believe in love again. 

As for Sudan, he died in March of this year. There are no more male northern white rhinos left in the world.